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We’ll try again we’ll fail again because that is what progress looks like. Progress looks like a bunch of failures. And you’re going to have feelings about that because it’s sad, but you cannot fall apart. And then one day, we will succeed.”
                                                                            ~ Grey’s Anatomy.  

Although success does not have the 7 C’s but the show that has inspired the young medical talents all over the world - Grey’s Anatomy, a character of the famous American Series, Dr. Bailey has ‘Succcccccess’ in her dictionary, a dictionary which is adhered to by all her interns mindlessly. Don’t you think my spelling is wrong? It is not as one needs them to be successful. We will soon figure them out through the conduct of Dear Dr. Bailey

C for Clarity - Dr. Miranda Bailey, indolent yet determined; prompt and a non- procrastinator is quite candid towards her patients, interns, and her peer residents. She knows what she wants, clearly thus the first ‘C’ I.e. Clarity. One should be clear about the goals and steps one want to imbibe in oneself. She exudes brevity - be it surgeries or talking to patients or treating her interns.   

C for Concentration - Once your goal is decided then you proceed towards it with complete focus.  Dr. Bailey also does so after delivering her first child and beating her PTSD thereby not getting deterred from her hobby horse

C for Constraints - Once we comprehend our goal and venture towards its completion, constraints are bound to appear. This is the time when people start losing hope as they are not able to find solutions. Dr. Miranda Bailey is also one of a kind. During surgeries when she often hit a deadlock, she improvised upon her past knowledge to create innovative ways to steer clear of giving up in the face of adversity, abiding by the Hippocratic oath.

C for Creativity - Creativity comes in confusing situations when one is craving for multiple solutions. We witnessed how Dr. Bailey came up with an innovative idea of launching a free clinic that aimed at providing free medication to people and educate them in advance for any upcoming surgery that they may need. Is optimum utilization of brain resources not another name for creativity?

C for Courage – Courage, another synonym for valor is seen as a palpable trait in Dr. Bailey when she is competing with her intern's tooth and nail. She was one of the contenders in a prestigious program initiated by Dr. Richard Webber for Residents. She fought courageously for the only position in the program that she eventually got. 

C for Continuous Learning – Age is no bar to start learning. One stays young and vibrant when seeking is a continuous phenomenon in one’s life. Miranda Bailey, despite completing her medical education in general surgery, wanted to explore further fields in medicine. She does so with élan when she takes up pediatrics. Therefore, one should continuously learn in life because no one knows what life might offer you the next moment. 

C for Competence - Dr. Bailey’s competitive nature as chief of the resident, takes us to the next ‘C’ that is competence. Chief of the resident is a position which every attending desire to achieve. One must acquire each and every skill and be ready to work hard and be face to face with adversity.  

Even though it’s a fictional character out of the famous American TV series – Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. Bailey enamors me as she is the one I want to emulate and be inspired by. I have a utopian vision to do something special for society and the world. Success can’t be achieved in a closed room with only books so get out and explore, maybe success is finding you!


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